all the time? What does it mean in a residential neighborhood?” Citizens complained about noise in Portland in 2011 and 2014, when Tri Met experimented with talking buses, news reports said. The automated bus voice in Seattle is similar to what transit riders hear inside light rail trains and in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel. Woodard said after her encounter Thursday, “I stopped and thought, Cedric Thornton l authentic jersey ‘Is she talking to me?’ I knew immediately what it was. “I like the pleasant female voice. I really hope it saves people.” But in Pioneer Square, piledriving north of CenturyLink Field drowned out even the 90 decibel bus warnings and forced Metro to move a news conference two blocks. Warnings turn on when a bus driver turns the front wheels 22 degrees to the right, and a lesser angle turning left. At least one test driver is trying to warn pedestrians early, by turning the wheels while the bus is stopped, according to outreach workers on Third Avenue. Automated warnings are designed mainly to prevent
corporal punishment as an educational tool.”It is not to be excluded, but it wasn’t ‘genocide,’ it wasn’t a death penalty,” he told reporters. Guzm Carriquiry, the No. 2 of the pontifical commission for Latin America and a friend of the pope’s, denounced plans to remove Serra’s statue from Congress’ National Statuary Hall, noting that he’s the only person of Spanish descent in the collection. “They want to remove him from the Capitol precisely when the first Hispanic pope is planning to canonize him. Let’s say that it would not be an extraordinary welcome from a country that claims to be an example of multicultural welcomes,” Carriquiry said. Francis clearly wanted the canonization, even though the Vatican never confirmed a second miracle attributed to Serra’s intercession. Criscuolo revealed that the Congregation for the Causes of Saints hasn’t even officially approved the canonization, but that at this point “it is difficult that the cardinals and bishops might say ‘no'” given that
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